Why Adopt?

The Blount County Animal Center (BCAC) is full of dogs, cats, and other animals just waiting to go to a great home like yours! Here’s our top five list of why you should adopt your next pet from us. Pass it on.

Adopted Pets Are Often Just As Healthy (or Healthier) Than Purebreds

Adoptable pets at BCAC have had a vet exam, received all their essential vaccines, and are spayed or neutered. Since most adoptable pets are mutts or crossbreeds, they also aren’t prone to as many congenital and hereditary conditions as purebred pets. In addition to medical care, we also screen pets for specific temperaments and behaviors to make sure each family finds the right pet for their lifestyle.

Save Some Cash For Fun Stuff

When you adopt a pet from us, you can save as much as a couple thousand dollars. Really! Rescued pets are usually $100 or less, whereas pets from breeders or pet stores are usually upwards of $1,000. Animals coming from our shelter are also already spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Just think of all the extra toys and treats you could buy!

Do Something Green

There are so many pets out there that really, truly need homes. And by “recycling” a pet that someone else couldn’t care for, you’re giving that pet a second chance and yourself a good dose of green karma! By adopting instead of buying a pet, you can also make sure you aren’t supporting puppy mills or pet stores that don’t take proper care of puppies and kittens.

Feel Better And Get Healthier

Not only do animals make us laugh and curl up in our laps, they’ve been scientifically shown to be psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial. Just spending time with your pet can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Not to mention the exercise you’ll get from walking your dog around the neighborhood. You might even meet some more of your neighbors!

It’s About Saving A Life

About 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized every single year in the U.S. because so many people give up their pets and so few people adopt perfectly healthy and lovable dogs and cats. People sometimes think that animals end up in shelters because they’ve been abused or done something “wrong”. Most pets actually end up in adoption groups because of their people going through major milestones like a divorce, a cross-country move, lack of time or financial constraints (especially in this economy). Find adoptable pets in Blount County now by clicking the AVAILABLE PETS link above!

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