Two things we love: Helping  animals at Blount County Animal Center find their forever homes … and then seeing their joyful reunions and happily-ever-after stories. Here are some of those stories:


EXCELLENT VETERINARY CARE:  Our Primary Responsibility


Moira arrived at the shelter a defenseless baby with painfully infected skin. She not only received daily medicated baths from her foster mom, but she also received an invitation to stay there forever.


Dolly lived her life as an outside-only dog. She was isolated from her family, spending her days alone outdoors. One day her owner decided he was going to surrender her to the animal shelter: he loaded her into the bed of his pickup truck and headed towards the shelter. At some point during the ride, Dolly either stumbled and fell, or got frightened and jumped. Either way, she hit the asphalt, and she was dragged down the road while her dad continued driving. Once he noticed her on the road, he stopped the truck, put her back in the truck bed and continued driving to the shelter to surrender her.

Dolly suffered tremendously from this accident. She lost much of the tissue and surface area of the pads of her paws, and the skin surrounding the toes and ankles. She required immediate surgery, and luckily Dr. Williams was ready and waiting for her. Doc performed emergency surgery on Dolly that evening.

Dolly’s aftercare was as intense as her surgery. She had to adjust to wearing booties, and a cone, at all times, while also adjusting to living in a shelter. All while walking on sore paws.

Dolly thrived. She was so happy to have attention and affection that she just looked over all of the procedures that she had to endure for months. She became a favorite of all volunteers and even a mini celebrity at Puppy Yoga classes. The shelter was the best thing that ever happened to Dolly. She finally found love on the day she was surrendered.

ADOPTION: No Place Like Home


Some adoptions are celebrated more loudly than others. That was the case in the shelter’s longest-term resident, a senior pitbull-mix, Truman. Truman arrived at the shelter in Spring 2017. He waited through season changes. He watched countless dogs leave from the kennels beside him and across from him. He was cozy in his kennel, adored by all walkers, and enjoyed special outings with shelter friends—he waited.

Other than a dislike of cats, Truman had no behavioral issues; however, he did fall into a category of adoptable dogs who often go overlooked at shelters across the country. Truman was a large senior dog, and Truman was a pitbull-mix. These factors are, of course, beyond a dog’s control, yet many large dogs, senior dogs, and pitbull-type dogs, are passed by for their smaller, younger, less sensationalized, counterparts.

Volunteers got creative with Truman. They marketed him not only on social media and at adoption events, they took him on field trips to show-off how friendly he was; they made videos of him showcasing his demeanor and smile; and even drew signs for his kennel. He just kept waiting.

In June 2018, Truman’s wait came to an end. A college student arrived at the shelter with the goal of adopting an older dog, and the sparks between her and Truman were obvious. He strutted out of the shelter with her, and he knew he was going home. Truman has since visited the shelter with his mom to share updates, and to visit his old friends who had cared for him for so long.

He walked into the shelter again this Summer, but not as a visitor, or a stray, or as an owner-surrender. Truman walked in with his mom as an adopter. He got to choose a new sister, and he and Ophelia were fast friends. A truly happy ending for a deserving dog.

RESCUE: Passion Projects


Cooper a big, handsome, relaxed cat, was a popular boy at BCAC; however, he arrived amidst kitten season and adopters chose little kittens over the partially bling, huge cat

Mr. Billy Bivens a teacher at Loudon County High School contacted a shelter volunteer to ask if there were any cats that might be a good fit as a therapy cat at his high school’s AG building. Mr. Bivens and Ms. Elizabeth Robinson the Animal Care teacher would be responsible for taking care of the cat and would teach the students about properly caring for an animal as well.

The volunteer met with both of them and knew she had to tell them about Cooper

Cooper arrived at Loudon County High School and immediately was greeted by Ms. Robinson, who got him out of the carrier and held him. He was instantly calm and happy to be with her. She carried him to the other end of the building to Mr. Bivens classroom and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Once he was allowed to explore a bit, he wuld rub on the kids’ legs under the desks and then back to Mr. Bivens. He ate a whole can of food right there, as if he knew he was home.

Cooper is definitely going to be a very happy therapy cat. He loved all of the attention and space and seems to know he has found the place he should have been all along.


This is the story of Milo, one of our shelter dogs, who waited 9 months for someone to finally recognize how special he was. People would often pass him by in his kennel, because he would be barking loudly and jumping up and down (quite high) to get their attention. Apparently some people thought, that dog is too much!

But, finally, the right person came to the shelter and said, “Milo’s the dog for me!”

There’s a good chance the right dog (or kitty) is waiting for you at the shelter right now.  Remember that a dog going nuts in a kennel or a kitty hiding out in the litter box may behave quite differently once removed from a noisy shelter, so give both the overly-enthusiastic and the shy ones a second look!



A funny thing happened at the shelter one Monday night in September 2016.

Dr. Williams, Blount County Animal Center’s vet, was there late due to an emergency. As she was leaving at 9:30 p.m., she opened the back door and a very friendly cat walked right in. She prepared a crate for him for the night and also discovered he was microchipped.

The next morning, the shelter traced the chip back to the Sumner County Animal Shelter in Gallatin, Tennessee. They were able to contact the cat’s owner, who was overjoyed. She had moved to Louisville, Tennessee, in February and her cat, Quincy, had disappeared a month later. She had given up hope of finding him, but she also did not realize he was microchipped.

Within an hour she was at the shelter for a joyful reunion.

This story is a great reminder to get your microchipped and keep the information with the company up-to-date. Also, if you FIND an animal, please take it to a vet clinic or shelter and have them scan for a chip. It costs nothing and can get animals back to their owners quickly.

Congrats to Quincy and his owner. We rejoice with you. The lost has been found!



diablo-and-turnout3 diablo-and-turnout2

Their new family reports that these boys have settled into their new home: “They are doing fabulous! We renamed Diablo “Razor”. We call Turn Out “TO.” We love them!!!! Razor sleeps in bed us and TO takes turns sleeping with the kids.”


winnie3    winnie4


Winnie arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in mid-September.  Her dad, Shaun, drove down  to meet her and adopt her. Her mom, Heidi, met her the next morning when she got awakened with snuggles. Winnie was promptly renamed “Milly.”  Shaun and Heidi say they could not be more thrilled that Miss Milly is now in their family and promise that she will live a life filled with love and lots of adventure, such as hiking, camping, and swimming.  Miss Milly even has her own Instagram account (@milly.philly) where we can follow her adventures


bravo-span2 bravo-span1

His new family reports that Bravo Span  is “doing wonderfully and is loving his new brother and sister and his big back yard! “He is just being a normal playful puppy.”



Jocelyn has adjusted quickly and loves to play and cuddle! Her new family says, “Thank you guys for helping us expand our family! Couldn’t be happier!!”



Family member reports: “Sophia was adopted at Christmas 2014 for my mom as a present… Here, she’s starring my mother down while shes eating her pizza.. not even acknowledging that I’m taking pictures.


dante2 dante1

His family reports: “Dante and his brother nap together and play chase in the yard.”

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