Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation funds a program to transport eligible animals from our area where  we have too many homeless animals to carefully selected rescue groups in areas where there are not enough animals available for adoption.

Animals considered for the transport program are screened medically and for behavior issues.  Roughly two weeks before they are scheduled for transport, the animals  go into foster care to be better socialized and to insure they remain healthy for their long trip to the north.

Our transport program accounts for over 20% of the placements of our adoptable animals.  In 2017alone, 620 animals traveled to new homes on transport.  Our Ford Traansit van travels over 46,000 miles each year taking homeless animals to placements in northern states. 

On the day of transport , we need volunteers to help bathe the animals, walk them and prep them and get the kennels and the van ready to leave for the journey to their forever homes.  T

If you would like to be part of this wonderful rescue mission and experience knowing that you have truly saved lives,  please contact Diane D Martin at

Here are the upcoming dates for Transport:

Oct 12 to NY
Oct 26 to NY
Nov 9 to NY
Nov 30 to NY
Dec 14 to NY
Jan 4 to NY
Jan 18 to NY
Feb 1 to NY
Feb 22 to NY
Mar 8 to NY
Mar 22  to NY






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